IND 001 7"

Wig out at mud hut Denko’s. Forceful displacement of energy and air. Hardcore and improv are at play, sounding like someone redacted the source tape with Sharpie ink, as there is no high or low end – everything gets pushed to the low mids, and molders there. Artist is a mystery and the pressing is low (200 copies), so if you are into Harry Pussy, here is one more thing for you to worry about. “It’s true.”

~ Doug Mosurock
Dusted Magazine


Hardy-har, them folks up to De Stijl likes keepin it interestin. They's is distributin a 7" by a car full've clowns what's eager to pass themselves off as a misbegotten Fuck Off band called Kandalini Nivag Retsevi. Even went & copied the front've the 'Weird Noise' ep as a cover. It ain't all that bad've a reenactment neither. I mean, the fidelity on them Fuck Off (& related) tapes was pure crud, as is this, so if you's was to pitch it to me as '012 chewing through the Gong songbook' I'd be humored enough to work the count. As far as counterfeits go, this 3 dollar bill has some grit. And guess what? Only 200 pressed (wow, what a suprise!).

~Capt'n Siltbreeze


Dear people at Destijl records,
It has come to my attention lately that the Kandalini Nivag Retsevi 7" has been surfacing lately quite a lot. I bought that 7" with a promo sheet that read something along the lines of: SHOCK. BOOTLEG.200. $2.60. NO INVOICES/ TRADES ARE PREFERRED. SURELY YOU KNOW WHO NIVAG RETSEVI WAS: NO ONE ELSE HAS COPIES. I picked it up at a second hand store in London 10 years ago because of the cover. I liked what looked like (actually is) a xerox of the back cover of V/A WEIRD NOISE 7" (Fuck Off Rcs). I didn't know of the WEIRD NOISE comp at the time and I was intrigued by the cover, the record lasted months at the record store and finally when it was reduced to 0.50 I bought it. I've been fascinated by it since then. I keep playing it to people and trying to make any sense of it all this time. I searched online and in fanzines and the only clue I got was Nivag Retsevi from TONGUE AVULSION (V/A Not so quiet on the Western Front LP) Secretly I had that record in my pantheon of oddities since then and it has been only lately that doing another random search I came across your website after finding a copy for a friend. All at sudden the record is for sale in Fusetron and a few other places and I am puzzled of how a record absolutely no one knows about can be repressed and / or in demand... I mean, it is the ultimate  prank since it can be anyone farting on their backroom really. Anyway, I just realized I may be wasting your time and not making much sense at the same time so all I ask for is some LIGHT. Please enlighten me, I want and need to know more about this record.

~ Paco Mus