IND 062 CD

Hototogisu ride on the non-conventional transcendence of high-pitched wail and ear-shearing treble, which brings them close at times to the feverish noise meltdowns of the Alchemy label noise or the more brutal/brittle Borbetomagus passages, but there’s also an unexpected pastoralism to Hototogisu’s music, perhaps due to its leisurely pacing. This is not your classic rustic pastoral, but rather an attenuated take on the extremities of the natural - blinding sun; the rangy buzz of bee swarms; the lacerations of freezing cold water. It’s also illuminated music, close to the psychoactive properties of Tony Conrad’s The Flicker or Paul Sharits’s Peace Mandala/End War, where flickering and strobing light creates new hallucinatory patterns for the mind’s eye. Hototogisu, however, turn their attention to the ear, with no less powerful results. This is the new psychedelia, not a bunch of wank-stains with wah pedals - thanks to whomever for that slowly dawning realization.

~ Jon Dale