Tragic Pote B/W Jerusalem Stone

IND 122 7"/MP3

Aviram Cohen is a jerk. Who cares if he was in SIlk Flowers, Soiled Mattress and The Springs, or that he has a new project called Volunteers Park ? You can tell that his parents are immigrants. Heís a suburbanite from New Jersey, and now, another New Yorker with an attitude, who learned how to use a sequencer to program synths and drum machines, so that he can sing about how boring life can be. Itís like heís creating all this atmosphere because itís lacking in his life. It sounds like someone is blasting the 80ís station out of their car, while parked under the subway overpass and the train is roaring by overhead. Nobody gives a fuck so we jumped in and put some money behind it. Thatís how we roll in a most general sense.